Solar Installation and Services

SIJLEE provides solar service, solar Installation, solar operations and maintenance , solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, and battery backup and off-grid services. . Rising electricity costs and economic pressures have put even more importance on effective management of energy assets. The goal is not just reduced costs, but increased energy production as well. SIJLEE'S portfolio of distributed generation assets produces energy at average of 103%-105% of expected production.

Solar Power Plant Consultancy

Our solar power plant consulting division in consortium with international companies provides consulting services in setting up MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants. The two main components to a proper Feasibility Study are an experienced evaluation team and a cohesive study framework. Typically our scope of services would be executed in Phases as indicated below Techno-Economic Feasibility Study , Detailed Project Report , Design & Procurement Support , Project Management , Quality Control

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